Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fox & Beneath the Albion Sky

'Fox' by Scratchworks, Exeter Phoenix

A silent film brought to life. This charming reimagining of Roald Dahl's classic has the animals leaping, crawling and dancing all over the place whilst soundtracked by live American Southern jazz.

With hardly any props and no scenery the mime elements of the show didn't always work (but only where there were a lot of 'objects' to handle) but the physicality was impressive. I particularly liked the girl playing the fox cub, she danced with such abandon that it looked like her limbs were made of rubber.

Fox has finished its run as part of Ignite

'Beneath the Albion Sky' by Write by Numbers, The Bike Shed Theatre

In his bewitching deep voice Paul (Andy Kelly) recounts his epic walk following the St. Michael's Ley Line from Land's End to Hopton-on-Sea. A mixture of acting, story-telling, good advice, fact and fiction, where he peacefully meets saints, knights and warrior queens, and violently confronts a dragon. Along the way considering our relationship with nature and change.

I wish my long distance walks were as interesting as his, but as he says - a walking story is always better than the walk.

Your last chance to see it is Wednesday, 6.30pm
Tickets £6 (if purchased with no other shows)


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